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Do you want to buy a used car for sale in Orlando? Many customers are interested in the used-car market but do not know what to buy. There are so many brands, models, and sellers, but it can be difficult to choose. Southeastern Used Cars strives to make it as easy as possible for our customers. We have an extensive inventory, reliable financial services, and an on-site service department that can help you maintain any used car in your area. One of the more famous used car brands at our dealership is Volkswagen. If you want to buy a VW in Orlando, do not hesitate to visit Southeastern Used Cars today!

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Is Volkswagen a Good Used Car to Buy?

Absolutely! Volkswagen vehicles have earned critically-acclaimed success across the world for their outstanding engineering. Across the globe, drivers rely on used Volkswagens for sale. You might be wondering, "Why is Volkswagen such a good used car to buy?" The answer is simple! The dedicated engineers at Volkswagen have been working for over a century on their engines. A true passion behind automotive engineering drives Volkswagen to greater heights every year.

Used Volkswagens offer:

  • Excellent resale value

  • Affordable maintenance

  • Reliable engines

  • Near-luxury quality

  • Safety

  • Good ride quality

This is a phenomenal combination of benefits when buying a used car for sale in Orlando.

Do Volkswagens Hold Their Value?

Yes! Volkswagen is very proud of its value. The retention rate of a used Volkswagen at three years / 36,000 miles is well above the industry average. Lack of depreciation makes VW a more economical choice than other brands. Customers visiting Southeastern Used Cars want to find something with good resale value. These savvy customers can benefit from a used VW in Orlando. Our team can help you review specific models until we find a matching Volkswagen that holds its value the best!

Is Volkswagen Cheap to Maintain?

With near-luxury quality design, you wouldn't guess that Volkswagens are affordable to maintain. However, their vehicles are known to have cheaper ownership and maintenance costs when compared to rival models. The reduced maintenance price of a used car for sale makes it a cost-effective choice for many people. Not only is it cost-effective, but it will make a vehicle more reliable in the long run. Considering a Volkswagen near you is smart for these reasons.

Does VW Make Good Engines?

Volkswagen engines were originally placed in military vehicles. Military vehicles have a standard for durability and quality. This makes them more reliable than other models. After military success, Volkswagen engines have become one of the most prominent engine types in the world. Copilot Search helps mechanical enthusiasts understand the ins and outs of the 888 engine. 

An underrated aspect of Volkswagen engines is their fuel economy ratings. While they are strong and durable, they are all so efficient. Models like the Volkswagen Golf can reach nearly 40 miles per gallon! Commuters can rely on efficient performance for daily use. 

Unfamiliar customers can always learn about their options when they visit Southeastern Used Cars. We want to make it as easy as possible for you to understand what you are buying. Customers can even take one of our used Volkswagens for a test drive. This will make it easier to choose an engine matching your lifestyle.

What Does the CPO VW Warranty Cover?

The wear and tear of a used car for sale can make them more difficult to buy. Customers searching for more guarantees can review the CPO program. The manufacturer has inspected, approved, and reinstated certified pre-owned models. This approval makes them more reliable, while being less expensive than a brand new car. 

Do you want to review the benefits of the certified pre-owned program?

CPO Program


Age limit

Younger than 6 years old

Mileage limit

Less than 75,000 miles


Intensive 112 multi-point inspection

CPO Comprehensive Warranty

Model Year 2018 or later:

1 year, 12,000-mile warranty


Model Year 2017 or earlier:

2 years, 24,000-mile warranty

Roadside assistance

Two years of 24hr Volkswagen Roadside Assistance coverage

Sirius XM Radio

3-month all-access subscription

You might prefer a CPO VW in Orlando thanks to these benefits!

Can VW CPO Warranty Be Extended?

Yes! AutoGuide provides more information on the intricacies of the VW warranty extensions. Customers looking for the most protection can find a VW CPO warranty with Southeastern Used Cars. Interested customers can begin browsing our inventory online from the comfort of home!

Visit Our VW Dealership in Orlando!

Visiting our VW dealership in Orlando is more convenient than you might think. Our website is always available and our team is available on appointment. We will do whatever it takes to get you back behind the wheel of a reliable car. If you want to buy a quality model, do not hesitate to visit Southeastern Used Cars today!