Honda Dealership Merritt Island

Honda Dealership Merritt Island

Florida drivers looking for the most reliable car can visit Southeastern Used Cars. Our local car dealer makes it as easily as possible to find a dependable model. We provide a fully reconditioned inventory that includes the most reliable brand on the market: Honda. As a Honda dealership near Merritt Island, Southeastern Used Cars will help you explore Honda vehicles while creating a monthly payment plan.

Is Buying a Used Honda Worth It?

Honda vehicles are some of the most popular used cars available. Used Hondas for sale are so desirable because they are extremely practical. Let’s take a look at what makes Honda worth it!

  • First ranked brand in reliability

  • Affordable replacement parts and repairs

  • Great efficiency, performance, and utility

  • Excellent resale value

  • Very long lifespan

How Long Do Hondas Last?

Honda vehicles represent practical designs and a focus on reliability. This focus helps them last longer than other brands. Honda sedans, like the Civic and the Accord, are known to last between 200,000 and 300,000 miles. A Honda used SUV for sale can last 200,000 miles on average, and their minivans even longer. It is not unheard of for the Honda Odyssey to exceed even 500,000 miles with routine care.

What is the Benefit of CPO

Some used car customers prefer the advantages of the CPO program. Our Merritt Island dealership will help customers learn about the program and available models. It is an exciting alternative for customers interested in like-new benefits!

  • Younger age

  • Fewer miles

  • New Car Limited Warranty continuation

  • CPO Warranty + extension options

  • Sirius XM Radio Subscription

  • Complimentary maintenance

The benefits of the CPO program can help you buy the longest-lasting used Honda for sale.

What is Difference Between CPO and Extended Warranty?

A traditionally used car warranty is usually only for a single year; sometimes, two-year extension options exist. It is similar to the CPO Extended Warranty without the additional benefits provided by the CPO program. Customers who want a more extensive warranty can rely on the CPO program.

The CPO program continues the new car limited warranty, which is 3yrs/36,000-miles. Beyond the new car warranty, there is also a CPO warranty added. This warranty offers an additional year and a second-year option. Something CPO offers that is not offered with a traditional used car warranty is a PowerTrain warranty. CPO customers will receive a PowerTrain Warranty continuation that lasts 5 years/60,000 miles from the manufacturing date

Merritt Island Car Dealer

If you want to buy a used car for sale near you, it is crucial that you find a dependable seller. Southeastern Used Cars will make it as convenient as possible for you to buy a model today! Our Merritt Island car dealer will help customers explore their options, from model types to financing plans.