Certified Pre Owned BMW Melbourne

Do you want to buy a more affordable car, but are you hesitant about the used car market? Customers can find something used with like-new benefits at Southeastern Used Cars. Our BMW dealer near you offers an easier way to buy a luxury car. 

certified pre owned BMW

Have you heard of the certified pre-owned program? The certified pre-owned program introduces used cars back to the market but with better benefits. People selling a newer model can leave upcoming owners with less support. The certified pre-owned program offers customers something in between a used car and a new one, providing Melbourne used cars with additional benefits.

What Is a Certified Pre-Owned BMW?

Each manufacturer has its own requirements for the certified pre-owned program. If you want to buy a certified pre-owned BMW, customers can expect unique qualifications. These limits are set for the benefit of the next driver. The certified pre-owned program aims to provide reliable used cars with like-new advantages. Southeastern Used Cars will make it simpler to find an enticing luxury model. Florida drivers can learn all about the CPO program in-person or online.

Which BMW Models are Eligible?

Would you like to learn more about eligibility? The requirements of the certified pre-owned program limits entry to only the best used cars. The BMW certified pre-owned program, in particular, allows cars younger than six years old and with less than 60,000 miles. They even have to pass a multi-point inspection. 

Here are some specific models available in the BMW CPO program:

  • M440i Coupe.

  • M440i xDrive Gran Coupe

  • M440i xDrive Convertible

  • X7 M60i

  • iX M60

  • i4 M50

What Does the BMW Certified Pre-Owned Inspection Involve?

Are you curious about the multi-point inspection? It is common to be skeptical about used cars for sale. However, the certified pre-owned program has earned the confidence of many drivers. The BMW-certified pre-owned inspection involves a series of checks before signing off on any used car. 

  • Preview vehicle maintenance history. We check the vehicle maintenance history report of each used BMW for sale. This informs us of the car's condition and parts history.

  • 360° Inspection. The 360° inspection ensures each BMW CPO car is in good condition. A close review by a BMW-technician guarantees quality to the customer.

  • Reconditioning. Certified pre-owned cars have also been thoroughly reconditioned. This means they have received the proper maintenance and replacement parts before being resold to a customer.

  • Approvals. The last element is the approvals phase. The approvals phase of a BMW-certified pre-owned inspection will review the final status of the car.

Southeastern Used Cars will help you find a dependable luxury used car near Melbourne, Florida.

Is the BMW CPO Warranty Coverage Good?

Yes! Warranty coverage is always a good idea when purchasing a car. They are difficult to repair, so having a good warranty can help you feel safe on the road.

CPO Program Quality


New Car Limited Warranty extension

Customers buying a certified pre-owned BMW receive a new car limited warranty extension. The original new car warranty is 4yrs/50,000 miles.

CPO Warranty

When the original warranty expires, the CPO warranty extension begins. Customers will receive one year and unlimited miles on the standard CPO Warranty. 

CPO Warranty extension offers

BMW has additional plans to extend warranty coverage. Customers can learn about additional plans by visiting this page


There are options excluded from the warranty. This includes some forms of vehicle maintenance, body repair, and upkeep. Customers can read the exclusionary notice here.

Do Certified BMW Cars Come with a Vehicle Maintenance History Report?

Yes! Each BMW near you at Southeastern Used Cars comes with a vehicle maintenance history report. It is important to understand the history of the used car for sale. Customers can use this information to plan routine maintenance and other repairs ahead of time. If you want to buy a used BMW for sale, our team can help you judge the inventory. You are sure to be impressed with the thorough reconditioning of any used mode, not just the CPO inventory!

Why Should I Buy a Certified Pre-Owned BMW?

Customers usually want to find the best value. Visiting our BMW dealer near you can help you find it. There are many reasons why customers choose CPO BMWs over other options. If you would like to learn more about these vehicles, you can review the list below!

  • Starting price. Americans choose a certified pre-owned BMW when they want to buy a luxury vehicle for less. The lower starting price of a CPO model makes it more attainable for many people. 

  • Lower ownership costs. Buying, registering, and insuring a new car for sale can be costly. Registration, insurance, and accessories will be cheaper for a used BMW for sale.

  • Additional guarantees. The limited guarantees of a used car for sale can be hard to deal with. Concerned customers can choose the additional guarantees provided by a certified pre-owned BMW. The continuation and extension of the warranty make them a safer purchase.

  • Best value. New cars depreciate instantly. The loss in value makes them a challenging purchase. Used cars are more affordable after this depreciation has already occurred, but they might have too much wear and tear. Certified pre-owned BMWs make the best of both worlds. They offer a better value while providing comprehensive limited warranties.


Whatever it takes to buy a certified pre-owned BMW, Southeastern Used Cars is here to help!