Orlando Certified Preowned BMW

Orlando drivers often wanted luxury vehicles. However, buying a luxury car on a tight budget can be difficult. Southeastern Used Cars Can help you overcome this challenge. We have a diverse inventory of Orlando-certified pre-owned BMWs that are cost-effective and luxurious. We encourage customers from across the state to visit our BMW dealership near Orlando. We have an extensive selection, a broad price range, and on-site financing support. You can even visit the dealership online. Customers with a busy schedule can quickly filter the inventory and apply for financing pre-approval fast.

certified preowned BMW

What Does BMW Certified Mean?

Are you unfamiliar with the certified pre-owned program? Used cars were becoming more and more common. Auto manufacturers wanted to repackage their used cars with better benefits. The certified pre-owned program takes these cars, performs an inspection, and resells them with a continuation of the New Car Limited Warranty. Customers can find the quality they are looking for at the right price.

Is buying a CPO BMW Worth It?

Absolutely! Certified pre-owned cars are an excellent option for savvy customers. You can find something at a budget-friendly rate, with even better benefits than a used car for sale. CPO BMWs are particularly worth it. There is no better way to buy a luxury car than with Southeastern Used Cars. 

What makes a CPO BMW worth it?

  • Lower starting price than new. Everybody wants to save a little money. CPO BMWs have a lower starting price than new models for sale.

  • Younger. CPO BMWs are also younger than traditional used cars. The warranty program has an age cap, ensuring a younger used BMW for sale.

  • Less wear and tear. The certified pre-owned program includes an inspection, reconditioning service, and approval process. This process ensures less wear and tear.

  • Manageable maintenance. The certified pre-owned program makes maintenance more manageable.

  • Warranty continuation. Customers will receive a continuation of the New Car Limited Warranty.

  • Better relative resale value. Cars are an investment. If you are looking for better resale value, a CPO BMW is the right choice. 

What is the Warranty on a Certified BMW?

The warranty on a certified BMW will help keep the used car in good condition longer. We know how important it is to find something with good longevity. Buying a certified pre-owned BMW can give customers the security they need.

How Long is BMW Certified Pre-Owned Warranty?

Warranty coverage is important. It helps give drivers some peace of mind on the road. The additional benefits of a CPO warranty can help persuade customers. The certified pre-owned program starts with a continuation of the New Car Limited Warranty. The original BMW new car warranty is four years and 50,000 miles. After the fourth year, the CPO warranty kicks in. This adds an additional year to the warranty with unlimited miles.

  • New Car Limited Warranty: 4 years / 50,000 miles

  • CPO Warranty: 1 year / Unlimited miles

Further extensions are available for interested customers.

Can I Transfer My BMW Certified Pre-Owned Warranty?

Yes! If you decide to sell your certified pre-owned BMW, you can transfer the warranty. Selling a BMW in Orlando is easy if you can transfer the warranty to the buyer. This gives our BMW-certified cars a good contingency plan. Sellers will need to notify BMW. Complete this CPO Warranty transfer form when it is time to move on.

Can I Extend My BMW CPO Warranty?

When you buy a BMW near you, you can ask about a CPO warranty extension. We recommend a CPO warranty extension beyond the initial year. Additional support from a BMW dealership near Orlando can make it much easier to maintain the car. Southeastern Used Cars has BMW-certified technicians for any emergency. 

Visit Our BMW Dealership near Orlando

Finding a BMW dealership near Orlando can help ease the transition into a luxury car. We have the knowledgeable experts, financing support, and diverse inventory you need to make an informed decision. Interested customers can visit Southeastern Used Cars in-person or online to learn about certified pre-owned BMWs. You can instantly access our virtual showroom from the comfort of home while researching financing pre-approval. Whatever it takes to buy a luxury car, our team is here to help!