Used Honda Merritt Island

Honda is a world-renowned manufacturer. They have produced an impressive line-up, focusing on dependability, safety, and practicality. This dedicated approach has created some of the most iconic vehicles on American roads. If you have been searching for a used Honda near Merritt Island, you will need to find a trusted dealership. Our Merritt Island car dealer can be that dealership. Southeastern Used Cars knows how challenging it can be to find the right model. With our diverse inventory, financing support, and verified maintenance, you can feel confident working with our team.

Are Used Honda Cars Reliable?

Honda cars have earned a long-standing reputation for excellence. They are some of the most reliable vehicles on the market, producing a long life span. Not only can customers expect minimal maintenance, but they can also expect longevity. These impressive engines aren't known to last hundreds of thousands of miles. When properly taken care of, Honda vehicles can last 20 years. 


According to RepairPal, Honda is the #1 most reliable brand!

Is Buying a Used Honda Worth It?

Buying a used car can be scary. Unfamiliar customers might not understand if it is worth buying. However, every dealership and every manufacturer is different. The Honda Motor Company manufactures some of the most respected used cars around. Americans searching for a practical option can't go wrong with a used Honda for sale. 


  • Dependable. Whether you want to buy a compact car, SUV, or pickup truck, the outstanding reliability of the Honda Motor Company is at your side.

  • Pricing. Affordable pricing is everything. Our dealership provides competitive offers if you are on a tight budget.

  • Ownership costs. Lower ownership and maintenance costs make these used cars near you a wise choice.

  • Safety. Safety is very important on the road. There are many dangers that could be out of your control. Choosing a safe brand like Honda can help you feel secure.

  • Near-luxury quality. Customers do not often expect the near-luxury quality of a Honda vehicle. This quality can be a pleasant surprise for people on a tight budget.

Why Should I Buy Used Cars From a Dealership?

Buying a used car from a dealership can be easier in many ways. Our Merritt Island car dealer recommends us over a private seller. However, what separates us from the competition? Interested customers can review dealership advantages below!


  • Fully reconditioned used cars. Private sellers are not obligated to repair their vehicles. This can make for some unpleasant surprises. Rather than taking an unnecessary risk, you can buy from Southeastern Used Cars. Our Honda dealership near you has inspected and reconditioned each model.

  • Diverse inventory. It can be tough to judge one car at a time. Dealerships help local customers compare cars in one location. Do you want to buy a used Honda Civic for sale? Customers can compare compact models with our team. How about a used Honda Accord for sale? A test drive will help you choose the right trim level. Customers can even compare the cargo capacities of used Honda Pilots for sale. Whatever you need, Southeastern Used Cars has the right model!

  • Payment plan options. Private sellers usually expect full price. Paying full price can be difficult for drivers on a budget. Instead of draining your savings account, you can create a payment plan at Southeastern Used Cars. Our team will help you arrange reasonable monthly payments.

  • Financing offers. The financing offers at a used car dealership can be beneficial. When the down payment is too much, our financing department can help you pursue approval.

  • Dealership offers. Dealerships include incentives, warranties, rebates, and more. These additional offers can make it more enticing to visit a Merritt Island car dealer.

Is a Used Car a Good Investment? 

Yes! New cars for sale depreciate immediately. This instant depreciation is why a used car is a better investment. Customers can purchase the same product for less when they invest in a used car. Each model and each manufacturer is different, but in general, used cars or a better value. Southeastern Used Cars knows how important it is to find a good deal. Customers on a tight budget can rely on our dealership for competitive prices.


  • Lower starting price.

  • Honda ownership costs.

  • Less expensive repairs.

  • Higher return on investment.

  • Used car warranty opportunities.

What is the Difference Between a Certified Car and a Used Car?

Are you curious about certified pre-owned cars? The certified pre-owned program helps reintroduce used cars to the market. Sometimes a newer model is in purgatory. Rather than letting these models wait at a dealership, the CPO program provides them with like-new benefits. Let's review how certified cars are different from traditional used cars.


  • Multi-point inspections. Each used car for sale has received a full reconditioning service. Certified pre-owned cars have a particular multi-point inspection by a Honda-certified technician.

  • Age/Mileage. Before being approved for the program, a Honda car must be deemed eligible. Eligible models are below a certain age and mileage. This limit makes CPO models younger with less wear and tear.

  • Warranty. CPO customers will also receive an extension of the new car limited warranty and a CPO warranty add-on. This combination makes certified pre-owned cars even more reliable than other used Hondas.

  • Additional benefits. There are additional benefits to the certified pre-owned program, such as roadside assistance, complimentary maintenance, and Sirius XM Radio.

What does HondaTrue Certified Mean?

Have you noticed the HondaTrue Certified cars? Confused customers should know that there are levels to the CPO program. Since it is a new program, vehicle manufacturers are catching up. The HondaTrue Certified option applies to newer model years. A Honda older than five years will not be eligible for the HondaTrue certified package. Interested customers can learn more by following this link!

Honda Dealership Near Me

Do you want to buy a used car or used SUV for sale? Southeastern Used Cars is here to help. Our Merritt Island car dealer knows how challenging it can be to purchase a used model. By reviewing models and payment plans with our team, you can find something that matches your preferences. Whatever it takes to buy a car, you can visit our Honda dealership near you in person or online!